Product Description


If You do not see the standard ultrasonic cleaner that match your requirements, please contact us to discuss your requirements. Alstron team of research and design engineers are deeply commited to understand your requirement and propose the most cost effective, efficient and most reliable cleaning system for-a your cleaning application.

Ultrasonic Cleaner with Fume Extraction exhaust system
Power : 1750Watts 40Khz
Immersion Heater
Internal Tank Size : 600mm X250mm X 600mm (H)
Fume extraction with Exhaust
Water inlet and drainage
Separate control interface with Digital Timer and Temperature control
Input: 230Vac 1phase
Application: Jewelry industry and general parts cleaner
Immersible Tubular reactor Ultrasonic
500watts , 40 Khz
Size : Dia 73 X 300 mm,SS316L ,
External Generator with power control
Input: 230V 1Phase
Application :Steel Pipe cleaning , 360 degree ultrasonic cavitation, bio diesel breakdown of organic part
Dual 40/80kHz Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaning system
800watts Dual Frequency 40 and 80 kHz
Internal Tank Size : 350mm X 350mm X 330mm (H)
Basket can be rotate to drip dry
PTFE water spray gun
Text Display Machine interface for flexible duration setting
Input : 230V , 1 Phase
Application Medical jig cleaning , soft delicate parts cleaning
Separate Tank Dual Generator cleaning system
Power: 4000 watts , 40Khz
Internal Tank Size : 780mm X 400mm X 600mm (H)
Dual Generator with single button control
Immersion heater with Digital Temperature Control
Input : 415Vac 3Phase
Application , Jewelry and general parts cleaning when you need a deeper tank
Recirculation Ultrasonic cleaning system with Servo Liter and Basket Oscillation
Dual Ultrasonic Immersible 2100watts , 28Khz each
SS316 L ,Internal tank size 890 mm( W) X 725mm X 725mm (H)
Immersion Heater with Digital Temperature control
Servo lifter for easy loading and unloading
Addition Basket oscillation axes to allow fresh liquids in contact with the parts to clean consistently
Pump with Micro filter and soleyesid valve for automatic inlet and drainage control.
Full HMI and PLC control , Input: 415V 3 Phase
Application: Semicon and wafer fab for tool kit cleaning
Customize Alstron 28 kHz 4500watts Ultrasonic Cleaning system with Immersion Heater and Gas spring Top cover
Size : Internal Tank Size : 1500mm X 600mm X 450mm (H)
Digital Timer , Digital Temperature control , safety protection
Water Inlet and Drain outlet
Input : 415Vac3Phase
Application: General parts cleaning and large steel filter cleaning

Heavy Duty Ultrasonic Mold Cleaner
Power : 2400 watt , Freq : 33kHz
For Heavy load up to 500Kg
Internal Tank Size : 700mm X 700mm X 580mm (H)
Immersion Heater with Digital Temperature control
Water Inlet and Drainage outlet
Power 415V 3 Phase
Application : For Plastic injection mold and heavy parts to clean

Customized R&D project for metal filter cleaning
Customize Transducers holders for Filter housing
Overheat protection
300Watts , 40khz
Input : 230V 1phase
Customized Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank
Internal Tank Size : 1000 x 500 x 1000H( mm)
Frequency 28Khz , Power : 2400watts
Immersion heater with digital controlwater input and drainage with Castor wheel
Input : 230V , 1 phase
Application : Big metal sheets cleaning and big , wide parts

Customized Ultrasonic Immersible and Generator
4 immersible use a a big cleaning tank
Each immersible : 1500 x 300 X 75mm
Power 2250Watts , 33kHz
Input : 230V , 1Phase
Application: Parts cleaning for heat exchangers and huge radiators

Customized Filter Candle Ultrasonic Cleaner
Power 1250watts , 28kHz
Internal tank size : 400x400x700H (mm)
With Heater and Temperature control
Water inlet and drainage outlet
Castor wheel for easy moving around
Application: stainless steel filter cleaning

Customized Basket for various industries and different products and quantity
Heavy duty with protection
Custom multi slot basket